About Us

I am a firm believer that having the right tool for the job is critical to success.
And when it comes to making the most of your Days, Weeks, Months and Life!!!
Using a physical day planner can make all the difference.

I have used a day planner in my professional life for over a decade and I can tell you in that time I have used many varieties, always searching for the best one.
Many years I found some that would "Work" but I never found one that had all the features I wanted.
Year in and Year out I got by with an inferior tool until I couldn't do it anymore.

I broke down, well rather sat down, and put in the time to design and build my own Day Planner. Start to finish, cover to cover, a planner purpose built to help you make the most of each day and reach every Goal.

In late 2023.... Crush Planners was born.

A high end, hard cover planner in the perfect size dedicated to being your daily companion on the path to greatness. Well at least towards greatness :)

Here are a couple of things that set's Crush Planners apart:

  • Luxury Covers in more Colors than Black (we have black too)
  • The highest quality 120 GSM Paper
  • Dedicated Annual Goal Setting Section (A Goal not written down is just a wish)
  • Quarterly Goal Planner (I like to break my year into quarters, set deadlines)
  • An Annual Calendar (Seems obvious, but can be hard to find)
  • A vision board (This is a new one for me, but I am looking forward to it)
  • Weekly Calendar & Motivational Quotes (Numbered Weeks, did you know you only get 52 each year??? Helps to keep that countdown in perspective
  • Weekly To-Do List, Priorities Section & Dedicated section to recording your Wins!
  • 40 Pages of Lined & Graph Paper for Notes, Goals, Dreams, Meetings & Ideas
  • Back Pocket for storing business cards, flyers, handouts, etc
  • Adhesive Monthly Tabs - Makes it real easy to flip to any month
  • Pen Loop & 2 Colored Ribbon Page Markers

    Are any of these things revolutionary by themselves? Nope. I mean come on, it's a book, they have been making these things for a while.
    But like most things in life it isn't that the items themselves are special, no different that Flour as an ingredient isn't special.
    It's when you combine them all together that you get something special. I guess you could say it's a recipe for success. (See what I did there :)
    In all seriousness I hope and believe that this planner can be the tool that inches you closer to your Goals no matter what they are.
    I hope you give one a try - It's a small investment in a Tool that will last you all Year.

Write it Down. Make it Real. Make it Happen.

2024 Crush Planner