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Purpose Built with Premium Materials

A Luxury Day Planner Built for Productivity

Whether you're a dedicated planner user looking to get more out of your annual planner or someone who's ready to truly pursue your goals, let me introduce you to your new must have daily companion ~ Crush Planners.

Jam packed with a productivity focused design, your Crush Planner is a physical reminder that you are meant for bigger things. As you pursue your goals let the artisanal craftsmanship of the planner, from the stitched bindings to the carefully embossed logo, remind you to remain committed to excellence in all that you do.

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2024 Crush Planner

When it comes to Crushing your Goals...

You need the right tool for the job. In today's digital world, the action items you need to be working on to accomplish your goals are often times, Out of Sight & Out of Mind.

If you are serious about reaching your goals, they need to be real, written down and with you each day.

Our Luxury Day Planner is designed and purpose built to help you Crush your Goals.

Get Serious about Crushing Your Goals

Productivity Planner - Take Action

Elevate Your Productivity

With your new Crush Planner each week starts with a new motivational quote, reminding you each day to stay focused on your true desires.

A Weekly Calendar seamlessly blends organization and motivation along with a built in to-do list for peak productivity.

Crafted for those who value planning, it transforms each week into a canvas for success. Celebrate achievements in the dedicated space for recording your weekly wins and make every week propel you towards your goals.

Make 2024 Your Year

Let your Mind Wander

Expand Beyond Weekly Constraints

Sometimes your life just won't fit in the nice neat little box we'd like it to. That's why the Crush Planner has over 40 pages of lined and graph paper for capturing those pieces that don't quite fit into the ordinary planner pages.

Whether you use it to get your ideas and goals down on paper, brainstorm some problem solving or simply take some great notes from an important training or meeting the Crush Planner has you covered.

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  • Win your Week

    Each week brings you a new perspective.

    ~ Space to manage daily appointments

    ~ A weekly motivational quote

    ~ Dedicated Space for Recording Wins!

    ~ 52 Week Countdown.

    Make them count

  • Crush Your Goals!

    The opening page in our 2024 planner sums up what we are all about.

    ~ Dream Big

    ~ Plan Well

    ~ Crush Goals

    We hope to help you do all of those things, not just this year, but for many years going forward.

  • Weekly To-do List

    Along with each new week, comes new opportunity to inch closer to your goals. Whether it's basic tasks or Big Hairy Audacious Goals, Your weekly checklist and Priorities section will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Crush Planner Features

  • 5 Luxury Hard Cover Options
  • 7" wide x 10' Tall B5 Sizing
  • The highest quality 120 GSM Paper
  • Dedicated Annual Goal Setting Section
  • Quarterly Goal Planning Page
  • 2024 Annual Calendar
  • A vision board for inspiration
  • Weekly Calendar, Motivational Quotes & Numbered Weeks
  • Weekly To-Do List, Priorities Section & Dedicated section to recording your Wins!
  • 40 Pages of Lined & Graph Paper for Notes, Goals, Dreams, Meetings & Ideas
  • Back Pocket for storing business cards, Planning Stickers & More
  • Adhesive Monthly Tab Labels
  • Pen Loop & 2 Colored Ribbon Page Markers

2024 Crush Day Planner