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Luxury 2024 Goal Setting Day Planner - Hardcover High End _ Black Vegan Leather Cover

Luxury 2024 Goal Setting Day Planner - Hardcover High End _ Black Vegan Leather Cover

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When you are serious about Crushing your Goals
You need the right tool for the job.  

📅 Allow me to  introduce you to Your New Favorite Annual Planner 

Crush Planners are thoughtfully designed and purpose built to help bring you one step close to accomplishing your Goals. Our Annual Crush Planner is the key to unlocking your most productive and fulfilling year yet.

There is a reason that Top Performers in nearly every industry still rely on a physical planner.  Writing down your goals and daily tasks engages your brain and creates a stronger neural connection, which helps you consciously and sub-consciously pursue your goals. 

If you are serious about making a better life for yourself and working towards goals big or small, we want to help you! 
What makes our Crush Planner the perfect fit for your daily life?

🌈 5 Cover Color Options & Styles: Designed to be a daily companion and physical reminder to pursue your goals, the Crush Planner comes in 5 luxury colors and materials crafted to match your unique style and preferences. With 2 vegan leather options, A timeless Black and Bold Camel colors, you will be proud to display your planner.  For those that prefer a little more color in their life our 3 linen cover options are sure to satisfy.  Soon to become an icon in your personal pursuit of your best self, you will take pride in displaying your new luxury hardcover Crush Planner.

📆 Annual & Weekly Calendars: You may think these features would be standard in a day planner, but you'd be wrong.  With your Crush Planner you will have a new calendar each week with numbered days and numbered weeks. This subtly reminds you of the time remaining in the year to accomplish your goals as well as allowing you to detail important meetings or events.   

🌟 Motivation in Every Page: Life can be challenging and that is why your new Crush Planner starts each week with a new motivational quote, reminding you each day to stay focused on accomplishing your goals. Crafted for those who value planning, it transforms each week into a canvas for success. Celebrate achievements in the dedicated space for recording your weekly wins and make every week propel you towards your goals.

 Progress Tracking & To Do List: Success is a constant pursuit.  Crushing your Goals is not a one time objective, rather a lifeline pursuit of personal betterment.  Life's challenges never quit and neither should you.  Each week will bring new opportunities to grow and with them accomplishments.  Keep track of both with our weekly Crush your goals list.  Some might be life changing, finding themselves being carried forward for many weeks until you finally check them off, others might be as simple as picking up dinner on your way home.  There is spot for all of them each week. 

🖊️ Goal Tracking and Reflection: A Goal not written down is just a wish.  Write it Down. Make it Real. Make it Happen.  The Crush Planner includes dedicated sections for building out your annual goals in all aspects of your life.  With a guide and sections for Professional Goals, Personal Goals, Health Goals, Financial Goals, Love Goals and Family Goals you will be able to set targets for all aspects for your life.  The Quarterly Planner provides a great visual aspect to where your goals fall throughout the year and allows you to track your progress and reflect on your journey.

📸 Capture Your Thoughts & Inspirations: For the parts of your life that may expand beyond the weekly space you will be ecstatic to find your new Crush Planner also includes over 40 pages of Lined and Graph Paper.  Located just after the last week of the year there is plenty of room for letting your mind wander, capturing new ideas, documenting new goals or just taking notes from an important meeting. 

🛍️ Exclusive Limited Production Run: As a New Niche Brand focused on high achievers we only created 1000 Planners for 2024.  With over 330 million people in the US, you will be one of the few that is part of the elite and exclusive Crush Family.  Get yours before they are Gone! 

🚀 Free Shipping on All Orders  – Limited Stock Available!

🌐  The absolute Best Value in the Planner Market (We Think :)

  • Luxe Hardcover & Perfect Size 7"x10" B5
  • High Quality 120 GSM anti-bleed Paper
  • Goal Setting Template & Vision Board
  • 2024 Annual Calendar & Quarterly Goal Sheet
  • Weekly Calendar | To-do list | Priorities
  • Weekly Motivational Quotes
  • 40+ Pages for Notes, Goals, Dreams & Ideas 

    ✨ Write it Down. Make it Real. Make it Happen. ✨

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